When it comes to security companies, there is a wide range of options available. What sets Auxilium Security Services apart? Why should you choose us? Here are some of the key reasons that distinguish us from the competition:

Best & Cost effective Solutions
Auxilium Services is dedicated to fulfilling its mission of delivering superior and affordable security services to clients. It is based on their specific requirements and budgets, while also offering emergency coverage when needed.
Years of experience
Auxilium Services has established its reputation through years of experience and comprehensive knowledge of the security industry. We collaborate with client to create a customized and adaptable security package that caters to client’s specific requirements.
Reliable services
Auxilium services safeguards various establishments and individuals, including corporate office buildings, retail shopping centres, residential gated communities, warehouses, hospitals, hotels, and private individuals. With a loyal client base in the Republic of Ireland, we prioritize the security needs of these locations.
We listen 24/7 Support Services
Auxilium Services is deeply committed to all our clients, regardless of the duration of service required—be it a year, a month, or just for a single night. We provide round-the-clock, quality, and cost-effective protection for the clients throughout the year, without exception.

Monitoring and advising
on the threats to your business.

It is the mission of Auxilium Services to provide the best and most cost effective security services to all of its clients according to their needs and budgets.

Guard services

Auxilium Services offers a comprehensive security guarding service, specifically tailored to meet your individual security requirements. Auxilium’s team of the security guards ensures the protection of both you and your premises, effectively deterring and combating any criminal activities. With a focus on customization, Auxilium’s guarding service is designed to accommodate all your specific security guard needs.

Corporate Security Services

Auxilium Services fully appreciate the importance of promoting a professional image for your company and our Corporate Security services provide a professional, flexible and highly reliable, cost effective service that is tailored to meet your needs. Corporate Security covers a variety of services to the Corporate business world.

Contract Security

Auxilium Services has spent many years within the Security Industry and has worked tirelessly to provide a service that is committed to providing the very best security and business support available. Here at Auxilium Security, we believe that our staff are our best asset and their welfare and safety is of utmost importance.

Event Security

Event Services for special events, concerts, private parties, charity events, business and red-carpet events and black-tie affairs. Our Event Security service has provided sophisticated security operations for a number of well known arenas, concert tours, high-level red carpet events, casinos, sporting events and political gatherings.

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