Basic English Assessment

Read the following text, then answer the questions that follow by circling the correct answer.

Man Injured in City Centre Scuffle After Disturbance in Nightclub Police have cordoned off Bridge Street, Stowell Street and Percy Street, around the area of the Mayfair Nightclub in Newcastle, as they investigate an incident after a man was attacked during a major disturbance at the nightclub.

Police said, violence broke out at an event, after glasses were heard being smashed. The incident spilled out onto the surrounding streets, scaring many passers-by. Buses have been diverted and the scene is likely to be out of action for some time.

One man, aged 30, is understood to have been hit by a broken glass in the arm and is receiving treatment at hospital. Two others, aged 25 and 28, received first aid at the scene, before giving evidence to the police.

Four men have been arrested and the forensic team are working at the scene.

Security at the nearby, Jubilee Bar, heard all the commotion and immediately made sure their customers were safe and kept inside until the disturbance was over. Security staff did witness some of the disturbance through the windows of the Jubilee Bar and are assisting police with their enquiries.

1- This document can be described as: *

2- Another word to mean "SMASHED" within the text is: *

3- What is the name of the nightclub where there was an incident ? *

4- How old is the man hit by the broken glass ? *

5- Who is assisting the police with their enquires ? *

6- How many men were arrested? *

7- What is the name of the bar where the security staff witnessed the incident through the windows ? *

8- Another word to mean "COMMOTION" within the text is: *

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